Wednesday, April 06, 2005

University of Salford

Yes I was there in Salford, 1986-1989. Didn't attend the first 3 months though, I can't understand what the lecturer was talking about, it was so foreign to me and I imagine the British would talk like how I saw them on TV (but then most Malaysian TV program were from US). Some of its famous students include Oscar-winning actor Sir Ben Kingsley,Former Manchester United and Northern Ireland footballer Norman Whiteside ,Former International rugby union player Ieuan Evans (you wouldnt know this unless you're a Wales rugby fan)

Some history of the University.... the University of Salford came to exist after a series of mergers and separations. Back in 1896, Salford Working Mens College joined forces with the Pendleton Mechanics Institute to form the Salford Technical Institute - which quickly became the Royal Technical Institute, Salford, upon being granted royal assent. The Duke and Duchess of York (later to become HRH King George V and Queen Mary) officiated at the opening ceremony. In 1921 the institute was renamed the Royal Technical College, Salford, but in 1958 it split into two separate parts. One part, the Royal College of Advanced Technology, went on to become the University of Salford in 1967. Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was the first Chancellor. The other part, Peel Park Technical College, changed its name first to Salford Technical Institute (in 1961), then to Salford College of Technology (in 1970), and finally to University College Salford (in 1992). Finally, in 1996, simplicity won through and both organisations joined together again to form the University of Salford as it is today.

In 1989, Sarah Ferguson, yes the Duchess of York was the Chancellor and I did not receive my scroll from her. My course was NN34 BSc (Hons) Finance and Accounting. I didn't know this earlier but in my final year I found out that the degree offer full exemptions in Stage 1,2 and 3 of CIMA examinations leaving me with just the final stage which later I completed within 6 months in London.

Had a good time in Castle Irwell residence for over 1,500 students, the site of the former Manchester Racecourse, situated on a meander of the River Irwell, one mile from the main University campus, a good 10 minutes walk (it was hell especially during January-February). In addition to student residences (11/12 single bedroom per unit) there are playing fields and a central block known as the Pavilion. It has a large bar and disco facilities. At that time the training ground for Man Utd was across the river from Castle Irwell, I remember watching Viv Anderson and Bryan Robson in training.

Best thing about Salford is that it is just a stone throw away from OLD TRAFFORD. O yes Manchester United FC.



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