Monday, October 30, 2006


I found this old photo while rummaging through my grandma's house in Pulau Indah (was previously known as Pulau Lumut) during Raya. Photo of my grandfather's family with his father Hj Sulaiman. I guess the photo was circa 1930's as he look really young then. He, Hj Harun bin Hj Sulaiman standing 3rd from right.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

VOLVO 122 - 2 door

How about this, a 40 year old Volvo car and a 2 door version seen at the VOLVO mechanics shop in Alor Setar selling at RM 23,888.

Some info on the VOLVO 120 taken from

Volvo 120 Series is known generally as the 'Amazon'. Half a million were built by Volvo between 1956-1970.

Brief production history:

September 1956: 121 four-door saloon introduced. Fitted with a 60bhp B16A engine, two-tone colour scheme. In early 1957 the car goes on sale at 12,600 kroner. In December the 5,000th car is completed.

November: First 122's imported to UK. £399 (including purchase tax).

August 1961: New engine fittedB18. The single carte version B18A (a Zenith) produces 75bhp. The B 18D with twin SU carburettors, 90bhp at 5,000rpm, 12volt electrics are introduced and an uprated front suspension. The 122s with the more powerful engine is fitted with front disc brakes.

October 1961: Two-door saloon introduced.

August 1969: The estate discontinued. The remaining range is only two-door saloons with either engine option. Front seat headrests and rear seat belts fitted.

July 1970: Production ends.

Totals: Four-door saloons 234,208; two-door saloons 359,918; estates 73,197.

Volvo 130There is a great deal of confusion over the numbering system adopted by Volvo for the 120 series. Four-door saloons are designated P120, two-door saloons as P130's and estates as P220. However, one sees a two-door badged as a 121 and can be badged as a 122's. The badging is generally an indication of the engine originally fitted ie 121 indicates a single carte engine, 122's twin, the 'S' for sport.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Balik Kampung 22 October

While people were celebrating Deepavali, we made our way at around 3:45 pm to Penang to celebrate Idul Firti with my parents-in-law. I expected heavy jam right from Sg Buloh but from the photo you can still see that traffic was clear....... until we reach Rawang where the road narrows from 3 to 2 lanes and there was when the traffic crawl started. We reached Ipoh Selatan at around 7 pm broke fast in the car just after paying the toll and we finally ate dinner at around 8:30 pm at the Bukit Gantang rest area. Finally reached Penang at 10 pm.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Heirlooms & Antiques

I found the regulator type wall clock and the brass bed belonging to my grandparents (mom's side) at my (aruah) auntie's house in Shah Alam during the house cleaning. The wall clock made by Meiji Clock Company an old Japanese company located in Nagoya, Japan which started making clock from around 1895 and was among the last to manufacture mechanical clocks in Japan. In addition to Seikosha, the Meiji (pronounced like MY GEE) Clock Company affiliated with the ANSONIA CLOCK COMPANY in New York to produce Ansonia type movements for their oriental clocks. The Meiji Clock Company produced many different styles of clocks, most of which were based on American designs. I was told by my mother that the clock was purchased just after she was born so I guess the clock must have been from around early 1940's. I took it home but it was my dad who went around trying to find clock repairer that eventually cost me RM 400 to refurbish the wall clock.

The brass bed was from around end of 1940's, it was rusty but it was repainted and given the black & gold brass look. Problem is a 'single' mattress is too small but a 'double' mattress is too big for it.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Concert Udin

Udin and his gang finally got to show their stuff during the annual Motessori Concert held at the Klang Executive club yesterday. He was doing his twist and singing, the steps and lyrics he practise everyday without fail :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tae Kwon Do: Grading

Aini and Aina going for their Taekwondo grading recently. Aini going for Blue - 2nd and Aina for Blue - 1st

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Buka puasa

My dad organised a buka puasa gathering yesterday for our extended family. All of his 9 siblings were there and even relatives from my wife's side were invited. Clockwise from top:1. Amir and Pinn in the foreground, 2. My dad in the middle sitting at the table, 3. My mom with walking stick 4. children with bunga api, Pak Tam and Pak Anjang.. and my grandmother - at 87



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