Sunday, December 28, 2008

Clive Burr (formerly of Iron Maiden)

I just found out that he is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and its good to know that his former bandmates in IRON MAIDEN is doing their bit to help him out.

“The Clive Burr MS Trust Fund was founded in 2001 when it was learnt that original Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr, who performed on their first three albums, Iron Maiden, Killers and The Number of the Beast, was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. Through previous Iron Maiden performances at Brixton Academy and Hammersmith Apollo, and some amazing fund raising efforts of the fans, the trust has improved the quality of life with financial support to Clive and other MS sufferers. Reflecting on the forthcoming show Bruce Dickinson commented, “We added this final date to help continue the great work that the Clive Burr MS Fund has done. We’ve had an amazing time on this tour so far and the summer shows are shaping up to be something quite special in their own right. It promises to be a fun and special way to celebrate the end of the tour with all our friends who have supported us and Clive over the years.” notes from

He was famous for his drum playing style which match the guitar (adrian Smith and Dave Murray) and Steve Harris's bass riffs during his Iron Maiden days. You can sample it if you listen to Phantom of the Opera, Wrathchild, Prodigal Son, Purgatory etc. Personally I find his playing style more suited to Iron Maiden better than his replacement Nicko McBrain.

To know more about Clive click here

Find out about Clive Burr MS Trust here

In the photo you can see; Adrian Smith, Clive, Tony Iommi, Bruce D and Janick G in front of Clive white drum from his time in Iron Maiden at Hard Rock cafe London


Anonymous said...

I love Clive Burr. As a teen I got a chance to meet Iron Maiden back in mid-'82 Beast on The Road Tour. I remember meeting and greeting Clive and we even shared a sweet passionate kiss together back at the hotel. He has very nice lips. I'm so sorry for his illness with MS, I will always pray hard for Clive. I was once a lucky girl! At least I'll never forget that kiss!
I love you Clive! My prayers, Love

Allan said...

Absolutely, without a doubt, my preferred Maiden drummer, the first 3 albums that he's on being my favorites as well (especially the first 2!). I had the good fortune of seeing him live back in the day. Amazing energy! I'm sorry that this illness has struck Clive's life and am glad to hear that his former bandmates are doing their part to make his quality of life a little more rich. Up the irons! Long live early Maiden!

iron_maiden_82 said...

You´re a fucking liar!! If Clive did kiss you i´m Marilyn Monroe!! Liar!Liar!!!

Metalheadlady said...

Not sure if shes a liar, but if not she sure is lucky, because Clive was absolutely adorable back then. Now most girls my age have no idea what guys should look like. Anyway, good luck to Clivey, and I hope that in 5 years when I'm no longer under parental control I can donate to keep him living as happily as possible.



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