Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Breakfast at the showroom... Glenmarie

a good excuse for sending the car to the service centre....  tasty brownies :)

massage chairs

coffee and nasi lemak.. fantabulous

Sunday, March 29, 2015

South Sea Sea Food, Subang

from: http://jalanjalancarimakan.com/selangor/subangjaya/south-sea-seafood-restaurant/

For the seafood lovers, South Sea Seafood restaurant is a must visit place. It has been around for about two decades with the well-known legacy of the master chef, Mr.Wong that is now passing on to his sons. This what used to be a modest restaurant was already good to begin with, but now it is even better transformed into an extraordinaire seafood dining scene.

This was how South Sea began. Presently, with the initiative and genius creativity of Mr. Wong’s sons, Terrence and Wilson, it now has an extreme makeover to please both taste buds and eye sights.

All alive and kicking’ up till the very moment it is prepared for enjoyment. They do have impressive stocks of premium and regular range seafood.

Ikan Empurau - Ikan air tawat ini hanya boleh ditemui di Sarawak sahaja. Ikan ini berhaga mahal kerana ianya terkenal dengan rasa daging yang manis, daging ikan yang lembut dan kulit yang licin.

Kenapa ikan ini begitu mahal, kerana ikan ini hanya memakan 'Engkabang Fruit' sahaja. Ikan ini juga pernah dijual di pasar ikan Kuching dengan harga RM2,000 sekilogram.

Sumber artikel: http://www.sentiasapanas.com/2014/04/ikan-paling-mahal-di-malaysia.html#ixzz3WXo5GoGf 

the only place in town where one can pee at the fish.. yessss literally

With Malindo back to Subang

Malindo ATR is ready at Penang airport

40 minutes delay.. we circled around Klang Valley because of bad weather

Zahran's wedding

China House Penang

it doesn't look much in front..

Welcome to ChinaHouse

from website: http://www.chinahouse.com.my/

ChinaHouse is a traditional compound of 3 heritage buildings, linked by an open air courtyard and converted into 14 spaces comprising shops, cafes, restaurant, galleries, live music and bakery.

A Walk Through
All in One

Start at the entrance of 155 Beach St. Georgetown. Wander through Kopi C Espresso Cafe & Bar. 

Off to the left you can see into BTB & Restraurant & Bon Ton the Shop II at 153 Beach Street. 

Further along, you walk through the Reading Room, a space divided into magazines, books and cds for browsing & buying. Plus a computer for internet access. A kids book section is here, plus an area out the back for them to use crayons and paints.

from the website: http://www.chinahouse.com.my/index-new.html

Under the Mango Trees
Poolside Breakfast 
Poolside Lunch 
Poolside Supper 
All of those are possible here!
If Penang it so hot for you, feel free to jump into the pool! Yes, we mean it! Please order and pay from the different cafe / restaurant inside then bring your food out to enjoy breeze

Beach Street Bakery
Next to the cafe, for eat in or take out. Muffins, biscuits, bread, pies - sweet & savoury, cakes and ice creams are all made on the premises.
Pear & Ginger Upside Down Cake Tiramisu Cake Double Chocolate Brownie w. Pecans

Did You Know?
  • Is modeled on a lane way concept.there is one path from Beach Street to Victoria Street.
  • Has 20 different photo opportunity locations and lots of bridal shots.
  • Has 3 different restaurant menus with price points for everyone
  • The most ordered milkshake is gula melaka and almond.
  • In June ... Lattes were sold
  • The centre of chinahouse is the bakery table.with 30 different cakes daily.

from: http://www.chinahouse.com.my/index-new.html

joining a photo shoot

CHINAHOUSE is a traditional compound of 3 heritage buildings, linked by an open air courtyard and converted into 14 spaces comprising shops, cafes, restaurants, galleries, live music and bakery.

153 & 155 Beach Street
183B Victoria Street
10300 George Town, Penang
Tel: +604 - 263 7299

Opening hours
Sunday - Thursday
9am to midnight
Friday - Saturday
9am to 1am

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Masjid Acheh, Penang


Masjid Melayu Lebuh Acheh masjid tertua di Pulau Pinang yang terletak di Georgetown.

PULAU PINANG 12 Sept. – Jika menjelajah ke seluruh Tapak Warisan Dunia di sini, mata pengunjung pastinya tidak akan terlepas daripada melihat sebuah masjid yang begitu unik seni binanya. Itulah Masjid Melayu Lebuh Acheh, iaitu masjid tertua di negeri ini dibina pada 1808.

Ia dilengkapi menara bersegi lapan, kolah wuduk, tandas, perigi, anjung dan kawasan makam yang mencerminkan gabungan pengaruh seni bina Moorish (seni bina yang berasal dari utara India) dan China. Masjid Lebuh Aceh merupakan antara tempat menarik yang selalu dikunjungi oleh pelancong asing dan tempatan.

Selain itu, ramai masyarakat Acheh dari Indonesia melawat ke situ kerana berasa terikat dari segi emosi berikutan ia dibina oleh nenek moyang mereka. Berdasarkan fakta sejarah, pembinaan Masjid Melayu Lebuh Acheh bermula pada 1792 apabila Tengku Syed Hussain Al-Aidid, seorang kerabat diraja Acheh dari Sumatera membuka sebuah perkampungan masyarakat Islam di Lebuh Acheh di sini.

Artikel Penuh: http://ww1.utusan.com.my/utusan/info.asp?y=2011&dt=0913&pub=Utusan_Malaysia&sec=Utara&pg=wu_01.htm#ixzz3WXsBbVKZ 
© Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd 

from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lebuh_Aceh_Mosque
Lebuh Aceh Mosque is a 19th-century mosque built by the Acehnese situated on Aceh Street, George Town, Penang, Malaysia.

Next to the mosque lay the cemetery of the mosque's original benefactor, Tengku Syed Hussain Al-Aidid and members of his family. The houses surrounding the mosque today is part of the original Muslim settlement of the mid 19th century.

Another interesting mosque in Georgetown area that are open to visitors is the Kapitan Keling Mosque.

The Acheh Street Mosque was built in 1808 on land donated by an Achenese aristocrat, Tengku Syed Hussain Al-Aidid. It all began in 1792 when Tengku Syed Hussain opened a Muslim settlement in the area near Lebuh Acheh. Over the following years, this settlement became the centre of Islamic studies in Pulau Pinang, frequented by traders from the surrounding Malay archipelago, Arab and India.

The mosque was built alongside houses, shops and a Madrasah for Quranic Studies. One of the religious figures of the time was Sheikh Omar Basheer Al-Khalilee, who was succeeded by his son Sheikh Zakaria who later was appointed as the first Mufti of Pulau Pinang and in 1888, Sheikh Yahya, his older brother, was appointed as the first Kadi of Pulau Pinang.

Following the demise of Tengku Hussain in mid 1800's, the Lebuh Acheh Muslim settlement continued to thrive and was at one time referred to as the Second Jeddah, as pilgrims from nearby congregate here before departing to Mecca by sea. Every time the Haj season begins, the Lebuh Acheh area is thronged by pilgrims and their families. However, all this ended with the establishment of the Lembaga Tabung Haji in the 1970s



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