Monday, March 21, 2011

Pantai Indah @ Kuala Selangor

Pantai Remis - Kuala Selangor

Pantai Remis - beach beside Pantai Indah Resort, food and souvenir stalls open on weekends & public holidays. Stroll along the beach and collect shellfish

Kelip-kelip Kg Kuantan

Kampung Kuantan is famous for its fireflies (Kelip-kelip in Bahasa Malaysia) dwelling along its river bank due to the berembang trees, or its scientific name Sonneratia Caseolaris, with open foliage, which is suitable for the breeding of the phosphorescent beetle. 

Here is site of one of the largest firefly colonies in the world, stretching a few kilometres along the Selangor River. Travel upstream in a small boat or sampan or take a motorized boat at bukit belimbing and in the quiet 

darkness, you will see thousands of fireflies flickering like Christmas light lining.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Rakuzen again...

lets see if you can 'taste' it with the photos :)

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Restoran Mohd Chan, Seksyen 15 Shah Alam

 I chanced upon the first outlet in Rawang some years back and I vividly remembered that it was quite tasty. When I saw this outlet in Shah Alam today I pulled in to have another go.

 part of the menu.... affordable sangattttt


 nasi itik - not bad but I prefer the one at Section 13 better.... but still both cant top the "Bebek Goreng Hj Slamet" in Jakarta .... :)

this fried squid is a disappointment.. too bland and tasteless.

kailan with garlic and the lala is quite tasty.... thumbs up

WHY DO MEN HAVE NIPPLES? by M Leyner & B Goldberg

can't stop laughing when I saw this book.... its more fun to read it tho :)

excerpt from the book:

Since our editor thought this question made the best title for this book, we racked our brains to come up with a hilarious, witty, and informative answer to this question. Our attempts proved futile, so, in order to finish this book so another brilliant title wouldn’t go to waste, we went for the boring, straight scientific response. Sorry.
We are mammals and blessed with body hair, three middle ear bones, and the ability to nourish our young with milk that females produce in modified sweat glands called mammary glands. Although females have the mammary glands, we all start out in a similar way in the embryo. During development, the embryo follows a female template until about six weeks,when the male sex chromosome kicks in for a male embryo. The embryo then begins to develop all of its male characteristics. Men are thus left with nipples and also with some
breast tissue. Men can even get breast cancer and there are some medical conditions that can cause male breasts to enlarge. Abnormal enlargement of the breasts in a male is known as gynecomastia. Gynecomastia can be caused by using anabolic steroids. So, if Barry Bonds ends up coming to the old-timers game with a pair of sagging 44DD man boobs, then I think we will finally have our answer to the steroid controversy.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Akane Japanese Restaurant Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jakarta

Some people from Trip Advisor told me that this is the best kept secret in Jakarta. Well I am not disappointed, it was full of the Japs (means that the taste is authentic) and the price is surprisingly about the same as any Japs outlets at the malls.

tried the sashimi

and salmon teriyaki... 
Akane Japanese Restaurant Crowne Plaza Hotel
2-3 Jalan Jenderal Gatot Subroto
Jakarta Capital Region 10270, Indonesia
(62)21 526 8833

Bengawan Solo Restaurant Sahid Jaya Hotel ,Jakarta

supposed to be the best place for Javanese cuisine... well the decor is interesting,

I like it, food wise there are some interesting menus too, the pecel Madiun taste great, and the other stuff I tried too are not disappointing.

iga masak asem

sup buntut.. with xtra chili

Bengawan Solo Restaurant Sahid Jaya Hotel
86 Jl. Jend. Sudirman 10220, Jakarta
(62)21 570 4444

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

another visit to RAKUZEN Empire Subang Jaya


sashimi 60.. not worth the price I think..

soba... mmm

oyster gratin ( I was it was "gratis")



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