Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Nice radio?

With all the AP hu hah in the last few weeks, I just remembered that while visiting an audio factory in Shenzen, China I saw something that is very familiar on the Naza dash board. The radio, specifically the radio CD set for the NAZA CITRA.

So its not really Korean component is it? So why China and not Malaysian made radios? The factory that we went to is the OEM (Original Equipment Supplier to the uninitiated) to at least 2-3 Chinese car companies ( and yes they have similar car companies like Malaysia, something like 1st National Car Company, 2nd National Car company , 3rd etc etc) , they alsa make for HYUNDAI and VW for local Chinese market. At the end of the day it is bottom line decicion. Get it as cheap as possible.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Al Fatihah

It has been 2 years since an old friend passed away on October 23, 2003. Everytime I drive past the Kiara cemetery I remind myself to offer Al Fatihah to all Muslims. As always 'kesedaran' that one feels inside will not last long. Fortunately moments like that will always remind me that one day I will be gone too.

Monday, October 24, 2005

The Kenduri

The kenduri on Malam 17 Ramadhan went well. I guess the lamb or is it kambing was not enough. The bulk of it went into the rendang, while the balance went into the soup. Semua taroh inside the soup. Just to ensure the food is enough for everyone we added 4 more chickens. Ayam bakar sampai hitam, surprisingly it went down well with the guest. Maybe the sight of coal fire under the marinated chicken pieces is too much a temptation. The kambing was in demand too. Even the pak imam yang berpantang kambing had a bowl full of sup kambing.

But it was the kids who really enjoyed themselves I guess. After the food they ran havoc all over the place. Add some fire crackers and mercun bodoh sikit then the compound became alive with laughter. My grandma still ask me the same questions again and again, she is in her mid 80's now will failing memory. That night alone she asked me twice within 2 minutes where do I live and how many kids I have. At least she can still walk and take care of herself. I wonder if I can do that when I reach her age.

Friday, October 07, 2005

You are 10 years old today

Happy Birthday to Aini, you are 10 years old today. This is Aini, our first joy born in 1995.



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