Friday, February 26, 2010

lunch @ Villa Principe Leopoldo



tea anyone? pick and choose...

and enjoy the view..

chicken... prawn.. and duck's liver


Thursday, February 25, 2010

from Milan to Amsterdam...

from Milan, Malpensa.. flight at 5.20pm

Swiss Alps...

more alps...

Sunset over Swiss Alps..

arrived at Schiphol.. 7.10pm

Due to French air traffic controller strike the KLM plane has to go through Germany to reach Amsterdam...

Lugano.. Milan, Malpensa

Roberto finding his way...

Milan, Malpensa aeroporto

the ride to Malpensa, Milan.. not another S-class?

with Roberto at the wheel.. a big Torino fan, not interested at all with AC and Inter Milan

queue at Swiss-Italy border.. near Como, when its our turn the border police just waved us through without any check, maybe because of the 3 pointed star logo....

Sicor, Lugano

was told that a certain Mr Schumacher has a unit in this apartment block...

my bosses..

with Dr Fred Strang..

with Steven during ciggie break..

Serious and not so serious faces during meeting at Sicor Europe office....

Dinner @ Lugano

view from outside..

lake in front of the restaurant..

the owner with his special risotto making gadget.. looks like a white tyre to me.. and a sexy lady posing for the shot :)

dried beef.. Northern Italy speciality

fish n wild mushroom... n nice shot i think :)

romantic couple... ha!ha!ha!

the risotto (nasi lembik with cheese) and fish and wild mushroom..

Frederick invited us for dinner at this small Italian restaurant next to lake Lugano. Supposedly best risotto in Northern Italy-Swiss border....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

jalan-jalan Lugano, Switzland

my ride to town.. eawahh... S-class

nice shop..


town hall..

chess anyone?

lake by the city..
Swiss shop..

IWC.. Jaeger etc

Swatch... Swiss watch :)
Swiss chocolates...

my ride from town back to hotel ... new E class :)

Sicor partners meeting, Lugano .. 2nd day

my seat next to the window

the sun came out... view of the lake is .... see for yourself lah :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sicor Europe partners' dinner

At Principe Leopoldo & Residence, Relais & Chateaux

view from the dining room

Dr Strang is that funny guy :)

menu.. well part of it

entree.. gosh I can't even pronounce it

lamb whatever whatever...

sea bass..

dessert.. chocolate (well what do you expect?...we're in Switzerland) and peach souffle
Arggghh... gimme rice anytime :)

Foxtown mall, Medrisio, Switzerland

suede Tod's

shoes for CHF90?

belt for CHF60?

shoes for CHF130?

I guess one can imagine where I splurge my hard earned money today :)



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