Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hotel Haneen al Firdous, Makkah... my place of abode for the next 1 month plus...

Its an old basic 2 star hotel on Ibraheem Khalil road, but they change the beds to small single bed.. just enough for me. More important is that its quite close to the Masjidil Haram, about 350-400 meters only and it has free wi-fi :).

 yea thats my bed

 that guy on the right is the boss.. Mr Muhammad Hosni - from Egypt

position of the hotel

the dining area... good food..... drinks all round.. including tea, Nescafe and
MILO :) plus zamzam water


sidra said...

Can i please have the phone number of this hotel so i can book them. I cant find it on internet.

mat asri said...

i cant find it too now. I believe the building has been taken down for redevelopment around al Haram

Rana Hamad said...

nice hotels Haseen al Firdous,hotels in Makkah, Hotel



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