Thursday, October 13, 2011

Masjid Dzulhulayfa.. miqat for umrah

Around Makkah, the Holy Prophet has fixed such places that cannot be crossed by people going to Makkah without entering the state of Ihram (The pilgrim’s robe consisting of two seamless sheets, the detail of which will come at its place). These places are called Miqats and are five in number. One of them is Zulhulaifa.

Zil-Hulaifa: This is the miqat for the residents of Madinah and for those who approach Makkah via that route. It is about 9 kilometers from Madinah and about 250 kilometers from Makkah.

Miqat mosque (Masjid Meeqat) is located at Dhul Hulayfa, also known as Abyar Ali. It is the place where pilgrims coming from Medina wishing to perform Umrah or Hajj enter into Ihram before they set for Mecca.

The complex includes a mosque for 5'000 people, shops and walkways, ancillary buildings, and landscaping. The layout consists of a low-profile building which envelops a higher profile mosque in a landscaped courtyard. It is inspired by local traditions.

 nice design for performing ablution

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