Thursday, October 06, 2011

1st venture to Raudah

 long queue to get into the raudah through the side entrance

raudah.. standing room only

it was our 1st full night in Madinah... I tried to get into Raudah during zuhur and asar but I can't get in. I tried again that night.. morning in fact at about 2am and following my brother's advice, I went in through the front entrance and just my luck.... one guy sitting just inside the raudah next to the mihrab signalled to me to come in and we exchanged place...... I was there for a good 20-25 minutes before I see an old man walking and I called upon him to take my place.



Adek said...

Aslmlkm. surprising u get to bring camera during pilgrim visit. we weren't allowed back then in 2005. some were confiscated. 2008 we did bring along during ramadhan umrah..a gift umrah for my son for obtaining Hafiz Syahadah...despite the massive crowd...the aura wasn't the same as hajj. planning to visit Harmain again where our hearts longed this april for 2nd daughter who obtained straight A's in pmr recently insyaAllah

Asri said...

Alhamdullillah during our visit HP was allowed



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