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rumah Rasullullah

Ada dua tempat yang disebut sepagai tapak utama rumah Rasullullah.

1. Rumah beliau sewaktu tinggal bersama Siti Khadijah

2. Rumah Aminah dan Abdullah, tempat lahir beliau.

Malangnya tempat ini telah dibinasakan dan dibangun semula menjadi 1. toilet dan 2.perpustakaan oleh Kerajaan Saudi supaya orang ramai tidak mengagungkan tempat-tempat ini.

 dikatakan tapak Rumah Rasullullah sewaktu tinggal bersama Siti Khadijah

 dikatakan tempat lahir Rasullullah - wallahualam

Birthplace of the Prophet (s) in Makkah, owned by Shaykh Abbas Kattan 
who built this library over the location in order to preserve the foundations
 of the original house from depredation of the Wahabis, 
who sought to eradicate this blessed location in 1951.

The initial building of the library at the (honorable birth place of the Prophet): We thank Allah, and those overseeing the protection of the religious sites, and those thinking about them in this blessed nation. The newspaper al-Bilād as-Saudīa published an article we are quoting here, titled "A School and a Library at the Historical Sites" which stated: 
His majesty the great king, King Abdul-'Azīz – may Allah bless the soil of his grave with a good scent – gave to the honorable Shaikh Abbas Kattan the al-ard al-bayda (the blessed land), known as the home of As-Sayyidah Khadījah may Allah be pleased with her, the wife of the generous Prophet (pbuh), in order to build on top of its ruins, a school for Quranic memorization. He also gave to him the place where the greatest Prophet (pbuh) was born, in order to build on top of its location a huge library, which will be visited by those seeking knowledge. The construction will begin this week according to the plan.

 even the police is there at the door
The library of Makkah al-Mukarrama in place (of the honorable birth place): 
Historically and locally, this place is known as simply the birth place of the honorable Prophet (pbuh). The library is located on Al-Qashāshīa Street in the al-Mawlid (birthplace) District, which is known nowadays as souq al-lail (the Night Market). The Shaikh Abbās Kattān, the previous treasurer of capital of Makkah al-Mukarrama, hopes to build a public library in this place. And he has agreed with his in-laws, the family of “al-Kurdi,” to buy from them the famous library of Mājid Kurdi, known as the Mājidiyya Library, which is one of the most valuable private libraries around. The contents of this library will be moved to the new location, in order to safeguard the birth place of the Prophet (pbuh) from being neglected, and honoring him by establishing a beneficial entity for the people [in its location]. 
Ownership of the location The Prophet (pbuh) was born in the home of his father `Abdullah ibn `Abdul-Muttalib. When he became blind `Abdul-Muttalib divided his wealth between his children during his life; therefore the birthplace of the Prophet (pbuh) and what is around it, belonged to his father Abdullah ibn Abdul Muttalib, and after which the Prophet inherited it from him.  
The Historical Background of the Place of Birth of the Noble Prophet
 Muhammad bin Jarīr at-Tabarī (224-320 H.E.) said is his Tārīkh, from Ibn Ishāq relates:The Messenger of Allāh (pbuh) was born on Monday in the year of the Elephant. And it is said that he (pbuh) was born in the house related to ibn ‘Aqīl. Indeed the Messenger of Allāh (pbuh) granted it to ‘Aqīl bin Abī Tālib and it did not leave the care of ‘Aqīl until his death. His son sold it to Muhammad bin Yūsuf, the brother of al-Hajjāj bin Yūsuf, who sold it and built his house to what it is referred to as 'the house of ibn Yūsuf' and this household remained therein until al-Khayzurān ejected them and made it into a place of worship.


public notice by the Government

paip untuk air zam-zam disebelah Maulud Nabi

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