Saturday, October 30, 2010

farewell party @ the office

had a farewell party for one of my accounts staff who is leaving for greener pasture.. good luck. It also revealed the hidden talents of the other colleagues in preparing some of the delicious food :)

go for the food guys :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

To SUKARNO-HATTA airport...

this time from the other side of town...

 haven't seen this tunnel before.

this is where I get down from the taxi.... boarding that blue and red airline, bottom row, 2nd from left

Thursday, October 28, 2010

POINS Square

Saturday performance @ CITOS, Jkt south

nice to see them kids in brightly coloured costumes. Too bad I can't stay long to watch them actually performing their stuff...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Europol Report: All Terrorists are Muslims…Except the 99.6% that Aren’t

and they still call Muslim terrorist? Dangggg......



Europol Report: All Terrorists are Muslims…Except the 99.6% that Aren’t

Posted on 28 January 2010 by Danios
Europol releases an annual study of terrorism; the results do not support claims that "(nearly) all Muslims are terrorists"
Islamophobes have been popularizing the claim that “not all Muslims are terrorists, but (nearly) all terrorists are Muslims.”  Despite this idea becoming axiomatic in some circles, it is quite simply not factual.  In my previous article entitled “All Terrorists are Muslims…Except the 94% that Aren’t”, I usedofficial FBI records to show that only 6% of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil from 1980 to 2005 were carried out by Islamic extremists.  The remaining 94% were from other groups (42% from Latinos, 24% from extreme left wing groups, 7% from extremist Jews, 5% from communists, and 16% from all other groups).
But what about across the pond?  The data gathered by Europol strengthens my argument even further. (hat tip: Koppe)  Europol publishes an annual report entitled EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report.  On their official website, you can access the reports from 20072008, and 2009(If anyone can find the reports from earlier than that, please let me know so we can include those as well.)
The results are stark, and prove decisively that not all terrorists are Muslims.  In fact, a whopping 99.6% of terrorist attacks in Europe were by non-Muslim groups; a good 84.8% of attacks were from separatist groups completely unrelated to Islam.  Leftist groups accounted for over sixteen times as much terrorism as radical Islamic groups.  Only a measly 0.4% of terrorist attacks from 2007 to 2009 could be attributed to extremist Muslims.
Here are the official tables provided in the reports…
For 2006:
For 2007:
For 2008:
(According to the report, there was 1 “Islamist attack” in the UK in 2008, which was omitted in the table above.  It has been included in the bar graph below.)
Just glancing at those tables is enough to know how absurd it is to claim that “all terrorists are Muslims.”  That statement is nowhere near the truth.  If we compile the data, it comes out to this:
On p.7, the 2009 Europol report concludes:
Islamist terrorism is still perceived as being the biggest threat worldwide, despite the fact that the EU only faced one Islamist terrorist attack in 2008.  This bomb attack took place in the UK…Separatist terrorism remains the terrorism area which affects the EU most. This includes Basque separatist terrorism in Spain and France, and Corsican terrorism in France…Past contacts between ETA and the FARC illustrate the fact that also separatist terrorist organizations seek cooperation partners outside the EU on the basis of common interests.  In the UK, dissident Irish republican groups, principally the RIRA and the CIRA, and other paramilitary groups may continue to engage in crime and violence.
Perception is not reality.  Due to the right wing’s influence and propaganda, people mistakenly think that Islamic terrorism is the greatest threat to the Western world.  It is even a commonly held belief that Islamic terrorism poses an existential threat–that the very survival of the Western world is at stake.  Of course, the reality is that there are other groups that engage in terrorism on a much larger scale, yet these terrorist incidents are minimized.  Acts of terrorism committed by Muslims are purposefully sensationalized and focused upon, culminating in the idea that “(nearly) all terrorists are Muslims.”
Terrorism from Islamic extremists is certainly a cause for concern, but it need not be an issue that creates mass hysteria.  Nor should it be allowed to be such a critical issue that we are willing to sacrifice our ideals or civil rights for fear of it.  Neither should we be reduced to a status of absolute sissitude.  We have analyzed data from America and Europe (a good portion of the entire Western world), and the threat from Islamic terrorism is much more minimal than commonly assumed; in the U.S., it accounts for 6% of terrorist attacks, and in Europe not even half of a percent.
It is only through sensationalism and fear mongering that the topic of Islamic terrorism is allowed to be used to demonize a religious community that happens to be a minority in the West.  When confronted by such lunacy, we ought to respond with the facts and the truth.
In a future article, we shall analyze the data for terrorism on the world stage in order to further strengthen our argument…

Sunday, October 10, 2010

my cousin's wedding.. 10.10.10

My cousin Najib, wedding ceremony is on today. 

 the bunga telur...

 food is ready... you can eat now ...

 the girls with bunga manggar waiting patiently for the bride and groom

 arrival of the bride and groom, welcomed by his sister..

 time to fill up your tummies..

 gotong royong.. my uncles and aunties giving a helping hand... 
me? well I have a good excuse, I am holding the camera

 the couple on the "pelamin"

a special day for my uncle, Uda Aziz.. his birthday is today.... does he look 63? 
I think he even look younger than me :)

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Aini's b'day today...

My eldest girl is 15 and I'm mmm mmmm growing older. 

 I hadn't had breakfast nor lunch today.. maybe I'll eat Udin then..

 look at that Es-car-go... got it? S car gooooooo

 mixed grill... one plate that has all... sausage, beef, chicken and lamb...

the birthday gal.... may you be blessed with happiness my daughter :-)

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I'd say this.. this lady got "balls"....


UMNO Should Learn From MCA, Gerakan and DAP

By Farah Deebah
MCA, Gerakan and DAP could have been referred as ‘1Party’ when it comes to racial issues.  Though they too, speak of racial unity, but they only mean unity among the Chinese race.  These three parties which represent the Chinese community unite unconditionally when it comes to racial issues in Malaysia. 
Speaking of it, I would like to share a story that was relayed to me only yesterday.
This is a true story of racism which I believe similar incident happens all the time in this country. 
A Malay Manager in a private company has interviewed a few candidates during the past weeks and had shortlisted three names for the vacant post.  All three are Malays. 
Her Chinese GM asked her why did she always shortlist only the Malays?  “There are too many Malays already in her department,” he said. 
The Malay Manager looked at her GM in surprise and disgust and blurted out in one breath, (I guess):  
“Can’t you count?  There are 7 people in my department and only 2, including me are Malays.  There are about 70 over employees in this company, and only 7 are Malays, including me.  And none of the Chinese Managers would hire the Malays but rather hire a stupid Chinese even if there are more qualified Malays.   These stupid Chinese have been making the most simplest things complicated and make our work here haywire cause they are not really fit for the job.   Are you asking me this just because I am the only Malay Manager here and that pissed you off?  You just can’t stand Malays holding a slightly high post, can you?”
I am not surprised at the whole incident.  How could I?   I’ve been there and done that.  I have experienced first hand being back-stabbed and manipulated just because of my race.  Chinese can’t stand having smarter Malays around them.  It makes them feel intimidated because most of them are not as smart as they think they are. 
But I’m sure many other Malays in government offices and GLCs and their contractors or in Law or Academic lines have no idea about what is really going on outside their circle, that is, in the real world where people compete for jobs, promotions, better income and some acknowledgments.  The world of the executives, engineers, secretaries, managers and all other officers in private sectors. 
When we have no significant family name or our name is not attached to a title, what else do we have to survive in the real world except our credibility, qualification and ability? 
When these too are discounted, but race (Chinese) and language (Mandarin) are all that is needed to be able to compete in this country, then we are left with nothing but hope for the government to take note and take action to correct the situation. 
Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not blaming the Chinese for being racist.  But I blame the Malay leaders for not being as racist. 
MCA, Gerakan and DAP or I’d rather call them 1Party, stands in line to defend Namawee and Katy Lim, who are purely and clearly racists.  This 1Party also stands together to urge the government to take action on the Principal who allegedly said something that ‘sounded’ racist.  
This double standard doesn’t seem to bother the 1Party leaders.  They arrogantly and shamelessly support their own people no matter whether it is right or wrong and they don’t give a damn about being seen as bias or hypocrites. 
So, what I’m saying here is that UMNO leaders should adopt that same kind of mentality. 
UMNO leaders should learn from their component parties on how to react when faced with racial issues.  UMNO must learn to be a true racist just like 1Party.  
UMNO can’t count on Perkasa, because even Perkasa could not condone the wrongdoings of the Malays like those kids who burnt the church down.  Perkasa was quiet when the Malay boys were charged and convicted.  Unlike 1Party who quickly came into defend of the Chinese boys who splashed paints at the Surau. 
Perkasa doesn’t stand at par with the 1Party because Perkasa is not a political party.  UMNO is the only one who can fight for the Malays.  From now on, UMNO should fight for the government to be more biased and to condone the wrongdoings of the Malays in racial issues. 
UMNO should fight for the government not to employ any other race but Malay in government sectors and GLCs. UMNO should fight for the government to penalize those who can’t speak the Bahasa Kebangsaan fluently in reaction to Mandarin being a must in most private sectors.
But I doubt UMNO can do that.   UMNO is just too rationale and wise to stoop down to the same level of the racists in the 1Party.  Perkasa too, is too respectable not to condone wrongdoings of their fellow Malays. 
So, where does that left the MCA, Gerakan and DAP in racial issues?   Aren’t they ashamed of themselves?  Will they be able to put humanity and justice above their race like UMNO? 
And where does this lead our country?  Will the racists win the game and the ‘unracists’ lose? 
This is serious and the government should sleep on this matter throughout all the nights to come. 


UMNO Kena Jadikan MCA, Gerakan, DAP Sebagai Contoh

Oleh Farah Deebah
MCA, Gerakan dan DAP bolehlah dirujuk sebagai ‘1Parti’ bila berhadapan dengan isu perkauman.  Walaupun mereka juga bercakap mengenai penyatuan kaum, tetapi mereka hanya merujuk kepada penyatuan kaum Cina.  Ketiga-tiga parti yang mewakili masyarakat Cina ini bersatu tanpa syarat bila berhadapan dengan isu perkauman di Malaysia. 
Bercakap tentang perkauman, penulis ingin berkongsi cerita yang baru saja disampaikan oleh seorang rakan semalam. 
Ini adalah kisah benar berkenaan perkauman yang mana penulis percaya berlaku hampir setiap hari di Malaysia. 
Seorang Melayu berpangkat Pengurus dalam sebuah syarikat swasta telah menemuduga beberapa calon dalam beberapa minggu kebelakangan dan telah menyenaraipendekkan tiga nama.  Kesemuanya adalah Melayu.
Pengurus Besarnya yang berbangsa cina bertanya kenapa dia selalu menyenaraipendek hanya calon Melayu?  “Sudah terlalu ramai Melayu dalam Bahagian kamu,” kata Pengurus Besar tersebut. 
Pengurus Melayu itu pun naik angina lalu memandang Pengurus Besarnya dengan rasa jijik lalu meluahkan isi hatinya: 
“Tak boleh kirakah?  Ada 7 orang di dalam bahagian saya dan hanya 2 orang termasuk saya adalah Melayu.  Ada 70 orang pekerja di syarikat ini dan hanya 7 orang adalah Melayu termasuk saya.  Pengurus Cina yang lain langsung tidak pernah menawarkan kerja kepada Melayu tetapi sanggup pula mengambil Cina bodoh bekerja walaupun ada Melayu yang lebih layak.  Pekerja Cina bodoh inilah yang membuatkan kerja kita susah dan kelam kabut kerana mereka tak layak.  Adakah awak sakit hati kerana sayalah satu-satunya Pengurus Melayu?  Awak tak boleh menerima hakikat Melayu memegang jawatan yang agak tinggi sedikit bukan?”
Lebih kurang begitulah luahan hatinya. 
Penulis tidak terkejut dengan insiden di atas kerana penulis pernah melaluinya.  Penulis telah berpengalaman ditikam belakang dan dimanipulasi hanya kerana faktor kaum.  Kaum Cina tidak suka dikelilingi Melayu yang bijak.  Ia membuat mereka merasa tergugat kerana kebanyakan mereka tidaklah sebijak yang mereka sangka. 
Tetapi, penulis pasti ramai lagi Melayu di dalam pejabat kerajaan dan GLC serta kontraktor mereka, atau yang di dalam bidang guaman atau akademik yang tidak tahu langsung tentang apa yang berlaku di luar lingkungan mereka, iaitu di dunia sebenar di mana manusia bersaing dalam pekerjaan, kenaikan pangkat, kenaikan gaji dan sedikit pengiktirafan.  Iaitu dunia para eksekutif, jurutera, setiausaha, pengurus and pegawai-pegawai dalam sektor swasta.
Bila kita tidak punya nama keluarga yang hebat mahupun ‘pangkat’ di hadapan nama sendiri, apa lagi yang ada untuk bersaing selain kredibiliti, kelayakan dan kebolehan?
Apabila ini juga tidak lagi diambilkira, tetapi hanya kaum (Cina) dan bahasa (Mandarin) yang diperlukan untuk bersaing dalam negara ini, maka kita tidak punya apa-apa lagi selain harapan agar kerajaan memberi perhatian dan mengambil tindakan untuk memperbetulkan keadaan. 
Jangan salah faham, penulis tidak menyalahkan bangsa Cina kerana bersikap rasis.  Tetapi menyalahkan pemimpin Melayu yang tidak cukup rasis.
MCA, Gerakan dan DAP, atau penulis lebih suka menggelar mereka 1Parti, berdiri sebaris mempertahankan Namawee dan Katy Lim yang jelas rasis.  1Parti ini juga berdiri bersama mendesak kerajaan untuk mengambil tindakan terhadap Pengetua Melayu yang dituduh memperkatakan sesuatu yang ‘berbaur’ perkauman.
Sikap berat sebelah ini langsung tidak menggusarkan pemimpin 1Parti.  Mereka dengan sombong dan tidak malu menyokong ‘orang-orang mereka’ tak kira benar atau salah dan mereka langsung tidak peduli jika dilihat sebagai berat sebelah atau hipokrit.
Jadi, apa yang penulis ingin katakan di sini ialah pemimpin UMNO harus mempunyai mentaliti yang sama. 
Pemimpin UMNO harus belajar dari parti-parti komponen tentang bagaimana untuk memberi reaksi terhadap isu perkauman.  UMNO harus belajar menjadi rasis yang sebenar seperti 1Parti. 
UMNO tidak boleh mengharapkan Perkasa, kerana Perkasa juga tidak sanggup menutup mata atas kesalahan yang dibuat oleh anak-anak Melayu yang membakar gereja.  Tidak seperti 1Parti yang pantas membela anak-anak Cina yang mencurah cat di surau.
Perkasa tidak setaraf dengan 1Parti kerana Perkasa bukanlah parti politik.  UMNOlah satu-satunya yang boleh memperjuangkan Melayu.  Bermula sekarang, UMNO harus berjuang agar kerajaan lebih berat sebelah dan menutup mata atas kesalahan yang dibuat oleh orang-orang Melayu dalam isu perkauman.
UMNO harus berjuang agar kerajaan tidak lagi mengambil bangsa lain selain Melayu untuk bekerja di sektor kerajaan dan GLC.  UMNO harus berjuang agar kerajaan mengambil tindakan ke atas mereka yang tidak boleh bertutur Bahasa Kebangsaan dengan baik sepertimana kaum Cina mewajibkan Bahasa Mandarin di sektor swasta. 
Tetapi penulis meragui yang UMNO boleh melakukan semua ini.  UMNO terlalu rasional dan matang untuk menjatuhkan martabat ke tahap yang sama seperti para rasis di dalam 1Parti.  Perkasa juga terlalu mulia untuk menutup mata atas kesalahan bangsa sendiri. 
Jadi, di manakah kedudukan MCA, Gerakan dan DAP ini dalam isu perkauman?  Tidakkah mereka merasa malu?  Apakah mereka mampu meletakkan kemanusiaan dan keadilan mengatasi soal kaum sepertimana UMNO?
Ke manakah arah negara ini dalam hal ini?  Apakah para rasis akan menang dan mereka yang tidak rasis akan kalah?
Ini adalah perkara yang serius dan kerajaan harus fikirkan dalam-dalam di setiap saat yang mendatang. 



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