Monday, March 12, 2007

Malaysia ends 25-year wait for All England mens doubles

Kien Keat-Boon Heong tore apart world champions and top seeds Cai Yun-Fu Haifeng of China 21-15, 21-18 in a 38-minute battle at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham in the men's doubles final of the All-England.

I guess a big congratulation should go to Yap Kin Hock and
Rexy Mainaky.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Doubles in the finals All England

Yes.. we are in the men doubles finals.. finally. Well done boys. Even though they are seeded 8th they have now beaten last year's champion to move into the finals tomorrow. the result: 8* KOO Kien Keat & TAN Boon Heong (MAS ) beaten- 2* Jens ERIKSEN & Martin LUNDGAARD HANSEN (DEN) semi Final Men 2, 2 - 0 ( 21-15, 21-13 )

They will now meet the number one seed CAI Yun & FU Haifeng of China who disposed of the 5th seed Tony GUNAWAN & Candra WIJAYA of USA earlier.

They don't sell BRA in Hollywood ya?

I found another stupid excuse by Linda Onn today on one tabloid.. She cant wear RR's kebaya because she doesn't have matching bra... ha ha ha.. seems that she only has pink and black bra ONLY in her luggage.

Must be an insult to America that she can't get other bra in the whole of US of A. Its either that or her tits are just too small to fit into American bra. Now I really believe she is damn bloody stupid offering stupid excuse like we Malaysians are really stupid to believe her.
Wonderbra, Victoria Secret, Triumph all have no size for her?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Linda oo Linda Onn

Her name has been in the limelight eversince the Academy Awards last week. First she was really excited about representing Star Asia with Dominic Lau on the red carpet and suddenly she went missing during the award ceremony. Lets go through the chronology of events on this issue;

New Straits Times, 21 February 2007 Local girl Linda Onn and Hong Kong-based Channel V veejay Dominic Lau will be hosting the Star Movies Red Carpet show live. The excited Onn said she’s doing her homework, reading up on interviews on the famous red carpet and about the Academy of Motion Picture Science awards. She’s also looking forward to meeting Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez. Onn will be wearing an East-meets-West outfit by Indonesian designer Jovian Mandagie.

I was informed that Jovian’s mom is Indonesian, his dad Kelantanese…so Malaysian lah right!Born in Bandung but was brought up in KL and even went to Setapak High School. Nak Malaysian macammana lagi tu

The Star Online, 21 February 2007 KUALA LUMPUR: Local TV host and deejay Linda Onn will be working her magic at the 79th Annual Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. “I was really surprised when I was told about it. It’s really exciting as this is a step forward in my career and a lifetime experience…I will have a chance to meet some of the most talented people in the industry,” said Linda

Poser over missing Linda HARIAN Metro report about Era radio deejay Linda Onn’s absence from the red carpet at the 79th Academy Awards on Monday morning. Star TV regional marketing and distribution assistant vice-president Nini Yusof said Linda could not carry out the job due to certain unavoidable reasons. It was understood that Linda was exhausted after a tour of Los Angeles and her work pass had been returned to the organiser.

Why DJ was not on the red carpet
RADIO deejay Linda Onn was absent on the 79th Academy Awards red carpet because she was
not allowed to wear the dress she wanted, ….people were uncomfortable that a foreigner, Indonesian-born Jovian Mandagie, had designed and made the outfit Linda was to wear…local designer Radzuan Radziwill …put together a dress ..Star TV .. deliver it (to LA). However, Linda refused to wear it and was said to have been very disappointed that she could not wear the dress she wanted.

79th Annual Academy Awards EDDIE MURPHY in a
one-button grey Versace Couture tuxedo with black
silk satin peak lapels accessorized with a white shirt
and black silk bow tie.
TRACEY EDMONDS is also in Versace.

Linda gagal jalani sesi raptai – Nini KUALA LUMPUR 5 Mac – “Kami faham jika Linda kata dia tidak berasa selesa dengan pakaian gantian untuknya bagi mengacara majlis karpet merah sempena Anugerah Academy ke-79 di Kodak Theater, Hollywood, Amerika Syarikat baru-baru ini.“Sebab itu, kami menyediakan tukang jahit profesional dari Hollywood untuk mengubahsuai pakaian tersebut demi keselesaan beliau.” Naib Presiden Bersekutu Serantau Asia Star Movies, Nini Yusof .

“Saya diberitahu oleh pihak produksi, Linda telah gagal menjalani sesi raptai mengikut standard diperlukan. ..kami telah mengadakan sesi latihan tambahan pada pagi..,” jelasnya.… kenyataan Linda yang menyatakan kakaknya, Intan Onn berasa terkejut apabila diberitahu tentang sesi latihan itu yang dirasakan mengganggu masa rehat Linda.

ish ish ish... you lazy girl

‘Saya tidak gagal b. Inggeris!’

SEPANG 5 Mac – “Saya tidak gagal bahasa Inggeris semasa raptai acara karpet merah sehingga tidak muncul pada Anugerah Akademi. Dan bukan juga kerana saya tidak bersedia menjalankan tugas pada acara itu.” “Kalau saya gagal menjalankan tugas sewaktu acara yang sebenar, baru boleh kata saya gagal.”

“Saya bersumpah ..saya tidak bersikap diva serta meminta untuk dilayan kelas pertama seperti artis Hollywood. ..kerana kebaya gantian yang diberikan kepada saya itu, tidak sesuai dengan imej saya.” “Saya tidak sanggup menggadai maruah hanya kerana memakai pakaian seperti itu.” kata Linda.

‘‘...saya amat gembira dengan apa yang telah saya lakukan kerana berjaya mempertahankan maruah diri saya.’’

Is she going to wear body revealing outfit by RR? As though she has the figures to reveal anything at all :)

DJ Linda Onn defends decision not to wear outfit to gala event
“It’s my body and it’s my say as to what I wear. It is a small issue over a dress,” said Linda. She had planned to wear a black and white modern baju kebaya created by Indonesian designer Jovian Mandagie....instead she was asked to wear Radzuan’s champagne-coloured outfit the day she arrived at the Los Angeles airport. “I received Radzuan’s outfit on Sunday, about
one hour before going to the Kodak Theatre,” said Linda. Linda said the corset stitched by Radzuan did not fit her properly and was revealing.
Personally I think she is better off being a Jaguh Kampung just like other wannabe Malaysians who are good only on the home turf. Please don’t insult our intelligence by telling us about the outfit ….(what maruah? Its not as if she is naked wearing that outfit – see the photo) and have the decency to tell us that you are just not prepared, no confidence to speak English LIVE to the world. Oh and another thing, maybe you can find solace working behind the conti at the radio station where no one can see your face.
Local design: The baju
kebaya created by

Radzuan. Nak baju
macam mana lagi?

As Julia Robets aptly put it in the movie Pretty Woman. “big big mistake”. Bring on Maya Karin or Sarimah or even Cheryl Samad. At least they can speak English and they look better on TV and sounds good on radio too.

Maybe she got cold feet because right after she went off Immigration gate at KLIA, she found no one she could speak Malay to at the international departure hall. The cleaners are mostly Bangla. Then its off into the aircraft and even the stewardess speaks English to her. Touchdown LA she was greeted by Mat Saleh, taxi driver who speaks no Malay… and she begin to visualise the big blunder she will go through on Oscar day………. and on comes the conspiracy theory.

To Jovian, good luck to you mate, you received good publicity on this and I hope you will fill up your order books soon.

Free lesson: Never wear a
dress that has the same
colour as the carpet you
walk on



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