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Ar-Rawdah an-Nabawiyah

The heart of the mosque houses a very special but small area named ar-Rawdah an-Nabawiyah, which extends from Muhammad's (s.a.w) tomb to his pulpit. Pilgrims attempt to visit and pray in ar-Rawdah, for there is a tradition that supplications and prayers uttered here are never rejected. Entrance into ar-Rawdah is not always possible (especially during the Hajj season), as the tiny area can accommodate only a few hundred people. Ar-Rawdah has two small gateways manned by Saudi police officers. The current marble pulpit was constructed by the Ottomans. The original pulpit was much smaller than the current one, and constructed of palm tree wood, not marble. Ar-Rawdah an-Nabawiyah is considered part of Jannah (Heaven or Paradise).

It is prescribed for the one who visits the mosque to pray two rak’ahs in the Rawdah or whatever he wants of naafil prayers, because it is proven that there is virtue in doing so. It was narrated from Abu Hurayrah that Muhammad (s.a.w) said: “The area between my house and my minbar is one of the gardens (riyaad, sing. rawdah) of Paradise, and my minbar is on my cistern (hawd)” Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 1196; Muslim, 1391.

And it was narrated that Yazeed ibn Abi ‘Ubayd said: “I used to come with Salamah ibn al-Akwa’ and he would pray by the pillar which was by the mus-haf, i.e. in the Rawdah. I said, ‘O Abu Muslim, I see that you are keen to pray by this pillar!’ He said, ‘I saw that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was keen to pray here.’” Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 502; Muslim, 509.

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Actually this was my 2nd trip to raudhah, it was not planned, but I was just hanging around the area reading the sign below next to the Raudhah when someone just pulled my arm and dragged me into the area. BTW I didn't even know who pulled me in.

My first trip was the night before at 2am, I tried going in from the back but it was too packed, I remember my brother told me to try going in from the front but there will be police gurding the way in, fortunately for me as I was walking towards the entranceto the raudhah someone waved at me and I just jumped in to his place when he walked out, Syukurrrrrrr amat. I was too excited that time and I just forgot to capture anything on camera.

the mihrab in Raudhah. We try to pray in the mihrab or on the left of the mihrab

"Dibutuhkan kesabaran yang tinggi di Raudhah, karena sudah biasa ketika shalat jamaah lain berdiri didepan kita sehingga tidak bisa ruku’ dan sujud. Duduk berdempetan, tetapi masih ada saja jamaah lain memaksakan diri untuk minta duduk. Kepala/bahu dilangkahi atau tertendang, tangan terinjak dan perlu hati-hati disaat sujud karena sangat berbahaya ketika lehernya terinjak jamaah lain. Cara paling aman adalah bersama teman, shalat bergantian dan saling menjaga (dengan menjulurkan tangan) ketika sedang shalat. Kadang-kadang kita saksikan antara jamaah saling melotot dan emosi, disinilah  kesabaran kita diuji, tidak selayaknya berantem disaat beribadah ditempat yang sangat mulia ini..."

other photos of the raudhah from other sites;

 mimbar Rasullullah

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