Sunday, March 29, 2015

South Sea Sea Food, Subang


For the seafood lovers, South Sea Seafood restaurant is a must visit place. It has been around for about two decades with the well-known legacy of the master chef, Mr.Wong that is now passing on to his sons. This what used to be a modest restaurant was already good to begin with, but now it is even better transformed into an extraordinaire seafood dining scene.

This was how South Sea began. Presently, with the initiative and genius creativity of Mr. Wong’s sons, Terrence and Wilson, it now has an extreme makeover to please both taste buds and eye sights.

All alive and kicking’ up till the very moment it is prepared for enjoyment. They do have impressive stocks of premium and regular range seafood.

Ikan Empurau - Ikan air tawat ini hanya boleh ditemui di Sarawak sahaja. Ikan ini berhaga mahal kerana ianya terkenal dengan rasa daging yang manis, daging ikan yang lembut dan kulit yang licin.

Kenapa ikan ini begitu mahal, kerana ikan ini hanya memakan 'Engkabang Fruit' sahaja. Ikan ini juga pernah dijual di pasar ikan Kuching dengan harga RM2,000 sekilogram.

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the only place in town where one can pee at the fish.. yessss literally

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