Saturday, November 11, 2006

2 hospitals, 2 relatives

What was supposed to be a Raya Open House visit turned out to be our visits to 2 hospitals today. First we went to Pantai Pandan Hospital. My sister in law is down with blood infection and warded in ICU. Next to General Hospital KLumpur to visit Mak Long who is semi paralysed waist down for quite some time now and she is really weak and she can't seems to remember much beyond the 1990's. She kept asking about the funeral of aruah Ucu (that was in mid 90's), about have we paid for the batu nesan, all of them are there now.. even abang is there, maybe tonight selesailah.... sent a chill on my spine. So sad that I can't bear to be there long.

Insyaallah, I hope everything will be OK very soon.

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