Monday, May 21, 2007

Langkawi 3

We booked a chalet at Pantai Chenang with fine powdery sandy beach right at the doorstep. The chalet is called Laggura Baron Resort. Pantai Cenang stretches for two kilometres and is lined with a mix of resorts, luxury hotels, chalets and restaurants. Located at the south-western tip of Langkawi, about 18 kilometres from Kuah.

After breakfast we headed for the Underwater World Langkawi. One of the largest marine and fresh water aquaria in South East Asia.

Unique to Underwater World Langkawi is the gigantic 15-meter long walk-through tunnel consisting of 500,000 liter seawater which houses many big fishes and sea creatures including the Giant Green Turtle.

Next is the Mahsuri mausoleum. The best known legend of Langkawi is of Mahsuri, a pretty maiden who lived some 200 years ago. She was soon a victim of a conspiracy and was falsely accused of committing adultery with a villager Deraman.There are many versions as to the reasons behind the treachery.Widely believed was that her own mother in law, Wan Mahora, was jealous of her beauty and popularity and had plotted against her. At her execution by stabbing with a sacred 'keris' or dagger, the villagers were shocked to discover that the blood flowing from her body was white, signifying her innocence. Others maintain there was the sudden appearance of white mist that enveloped the spot where she was executed, which it was believed was a sign of mourning of her innocence.

Mahsuri is is probably best remembered for her curse. With her dying breath Mahsuri placed a curse on the island of Langkawi by uttering, "For this act of injustice Langkawi shall not prosper for seven generations to come."

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