Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hotel Sawunggaling, Bandung

from 28 JaN 2008 POSTING
This time we put ourselves in an old small hotel down a leafy street but not far from the malls/Factory outlets. The staff are very friendly and helpful and by our second day we 've known most of them and we really felt at home. Even the manager Ms Ade Mardiah was around to greet us. U can visit their Website: or email direct to the manager at ade mardiah and the contact details are : HOTEL BUMI SAWUNGGALING
Jl. Sawunggaling no.13, Bandung 40116, Phone 022-4218254, 4212043, 4212045 Fax 022-4218253. Price starts at about Rph 390,000 or somewhere there and it is really value for money and I highly recommend it.

Our room is on the ground floor with a small balcony and ..... right across our room is the SPA :) which we duly visited after a long day of shopping :)

Update May 2008
; view from the 1st floor room above the dining area

Update July 2008
; Photo of the bath in the Spa in the hotel

update posting Nov 2008;
The Sawunggaling Room, largest room in the hotel - the whole family of five are tucked into one room with extra bed. High ceiling with 2 (did I say 2?.. yes 2) balconies.

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