Sunday, March 07, 2010

D'Arab Cafe @ Section 7, Shah Alam

Was really going to go for the Middle Eastern food tonight, I was thinking along the line of Tarbush at Sunway Pyramid but before we went out I had a search on Google on any Middle Eastern restaurant in Shah Alam and I found this.. D'Arab Cafe.

Worth a try I thought and off we went.... and boyyy we were not disappointed. From the menu one will see that it cost between RM3 to 17. OK.... maybe the portion is small I thought, again I'm glad I was disappointed, the portion is enough for me (yeaaa.. I'm a big eater).

simple menu..

lamb kasbah.... chunks of lamb hidden under the rice

humus.. n pitta bread

chickens being roasted..

lamb hanith and lamb kasbah
(what you see in the right plate is just the tip of the iceberg..
quite a sizeable portion of lamb under the beriyani rice)

the succulent lamb hanith.. melt in d mouth :)

roasted chicken

pitta bread

lamb aukdah - shredded lamb with tomatoes and onions, chilli and sprinkled with lime

because I just like the food so much.. I enclose the map for those who are not familiar with Shah Alam may have difficulty finding the place. Its in the lower floor of the food court next to UNISEL.

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