Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tan Sri Muhammad Ali Hashim to Resign as Johor Corporation's President and Chief Executive Officer

Tan Sri Muhammad Ali Hashim to Resign as Johor Corporation's President and Chief Executive Officer
Johor Corporation's president and chief executive officer Tan Sri Muhammad Ali Hashim has confirmed giving notice of his intent to vacate his current position by the end of 2010.

Business Times

JCorp chief Muhammad Ali quits

Published: 2010/07/3

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Johor Corp's president and chief executive officer (CEO) Tan Sri Muhammad Ali Hashim (picture) surprised the Johor corporate community yesterday when he walked out of the company's board meeting after announcing his immediate resignation from the post.

The 62-year-old Johor corporate personality was earlier scheduled to retire in November.

Yesterday's JCorp board meeting was chaired by Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman in Johor Baru.

Sources in the company told Business Times that Muhammad Ali tendered his resignation during the board meeting and walked out before it ended.

Reasons for Muhammad Ali's abrupt resignation remain sketchy but there have been talks that quarters in the state wanted him out due to dissatisfaction of his management and debts incurred by the corporation.

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After 30 years of service, he decided to leave. I have nothing but praise for him


Anonymous said...

The debt of RM3.6 billion is of no issue as JCorp market capitalisation is RM10 billion. He has built the Group from a local corp to a global entity with inclusions of KFC Group and listing of its subsidiary in London Stock Exchange. The Group is generating profit of RM600 million + the last many years. The political men in power wants to mix politics & business which he despise. They see JCorp as a treasure box.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the anon post above. The whole debt-talk is just a lot of hoo-ha. I think somebody's trying hard to divert our attention. JCorp has grown into a cash-cow that they've been itching to milk.

And I think that's why he quit. You don't say you're going to go in 6 months and then suddenly just tender a 24hr resignation... something must've happened during the Board meeting. Does anyone have any leads?

It has been a bit too quiet, all this. Has there been a gag order?

Anyway, the Johor political landscape has changed... there's no longer a firm check-and-balance.

All this political meddling in business is just simply a bad idea. It'll be really sad to see parts of JCorp being cut up and sold off for the benefit of a few individuals. I certainly hope the Corporate Waqaf system within JCorp will remain in tact. But what are the chances, ey?

Malaysia... oh, Malaysia...

Fairus Bakar said...

Malangnya orang hebat begini telah meletak jawatan sebagai CEO Johor Corporation dalam tempoh 24 jam akibat 'tekanan' oleh pihak kerajaan Johor(baca UMNO Johor).
Orang yang telah berjasa mengumpul aset lebih RM18 billion untuk JCorp diperlakukan seperti sampah.

Episod perletakkan jawatan 24 jam beliau adalah satu malapetaka kepada Malaysia. Amat malang sekali mempunyai pemerintah yang takut kepada orang-orang baik dan jujur bagi mentadbir GLC.

Apa yang UMNO Johor mahu sebenarnya???

Inilah realiti UMNO sekarang. They Just don't care.

Endi said...

First, they want to take the KFC thru Halim Saad (UMNO proxy when he was with Renong, now?).
Next, would it be KPJ?

-If politicians were to be sold as slave, the price will be very expensive- it takes so much to clean them as they are full of shits!

Anonymous said...

First it was Kelantan, then Terengganu for a while. Hard fight to get back Terengganu, down goes Penang, Selangor and Perak. All the fracas in Perak has made the rakyat weary over the bad publicity the media is pouring out to us, the big blunder over Tan Sri Ali Hashim will most surely cause a huge dent in the confidence of all faithful Johorians who adore him, just as mica as the Penangites adore DSAI and the Kelantanese toward TGNA. Insulting him is a sure way to loose Johre



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