Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Sales Ninja Warrior The Ultimate Sales Breakthrough Experience

The Sales Ninja Warrior - The Ultimate Sales Breakthrough Experience

What Is The Sales Ninja Warrior?

The Sales Ninja Warrior is a 2 days 1 night unique and highly challenging sales motivation training based on the philosophy of Ninjutsu - the ancient warrior martial arts practiced by the Ninjas. The training is designed to toughen the minds and spirits of sales warriors to face the current demanding market environment – global economic recession, spending cutbacks of organizations, uncertain business owners who are afraid, skeptical, and demanding, entries of competition and existing competitors gaining market share.

Sales Warriors will learn, practice and internalize the 10 Sales Ninja Code to unleash their inner sales warrior to punch through obstacles, kick away excuses, break sales quotas, throw away bad habits and from then on they are required to live the Code every day in everything they do whether at work or in life. These codes are the foundation of becoming a Sales Ninja Warrior.

Courage: Face fear, confrontation or problems!
Trust: Trust with your lives!
Honesty: Say what you mean, Mean what you say!
Commitment: Say what you mean, Do what you say!
Focus: No distractions!
Duty: It’s all about responsibility and accountability, no blaming – no excuses!
Abundance: All is possible!
Contribution: Service before self!
Honor: Respect and loyalty!
Improvement: Grow by learning!

 punch the wooddddd

 lets bend the steel rod

 Averroes's ninja warriors :)

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