Sunday, February 15, 2015

Harith Iskandar @ Kokopelli Bistro

I inadvertently became part of Harith Iskander repertoire at a private party today 
Macam ni cerita nya... 
Harith was saying... Mr M and I went to the same primary school, St John... we were from the same batch.. born in the same year, 1966, and after that where did you go Mr M?
Mr M: Sri Inai
Harith: until form 5?
M: No, until form 3, then I went to MCKK.
H: Oooooo... MCKK. Any of your friend from MCKK here today?
M: Yea (pointing at me)
H: (looking at me) So you are from MCKK too?
Asri: Yes
H: What is your name?
A: mmmm..... Anwar Ibrahim..
(Everyone like paused ..... and then broke into laughter to which Dato M remarked you got him there)

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