Sunday, October 04, 2015

Jalan Cecawi Kota Damansara

just having a look how is the old house doing. We saw at least 2 houses on the same road FOR SALE.


Section 6 have numerous amount of development and properties that will provide good rental yields and investment opportunities. This is mainly because of its positioning within the developing township of Kota Damansara.

The development of Kota Damansara begin in 1992, with most of the development boasting an average take-up rate of about 85%. As at end of 2005, the estimated population of Kota Damansara was 300,000 and rising.

As such, the enclave is very sought after; hence boosting property prices, while having good rental opportunities. Most of the development within the vicinity have seen dramatic increase of prices with some breaching the 200% appreciation mark. Residents of Section 6 will have the privilege of visiting the botanical garden which is set on a 1,000 acres plot of land.

However, prospective tenants would like to take the traffic condition into consideration. Along with the rising population, and numerous amount of new developments, traffic congestion comes as no surprise.

To make things worse, the enclave is under-serviced by public transportation, with only a limited amount of buses and bus stations. Even taxi drivers will hesitate to head towards the area in fear of the traffic condition.

In spite of that, there have been a proposed LRT Station which will be positioned within Kota Damansara, probably a short distance away from Section 6. Although that might benefit a good number of residents, it has faced numerous objections mainly because the propose LRT line will be built across the forest reserve, where activists have fought valiantly over the years in order to protect and preserve the forest.

Back in 2013 its going for Price: RM630,000

~ 24x75  ~ Basic unit  ~ Currently tennanted.  2sty Jalan Cecawi Kota Damansara
Listed by SAHARUDIN TUNGGAL Status: Sold  Price: RM630,000  Price Negotiable
Date : 07/10/2013

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