Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In memory of a friend (1968-2011).. .....Rest in Peace.

A fellow brother Amir Sharifudin bin Bahari passed away in Jakarta after breaking fast on Saturday 20th Aug. Al-Fatihah

Mohammad Sahari Allah mengambil almarhum di hari hari 10 terakhir Ramadhan......tanda pemergian yang amat baik.........thoughts and prayers are with win,uncle bahari and haikal and the rest of the family.........rest in peace bro..........Al Fatihah
Sunday at 20:17 

A Firdaus Abdullah Arwah berbuka, minum air & makan ubat. Then it hit him. I'm still not sure whether it was heart attack, some respiratory problem or what. Was also told his blood check up came back with very low platelet level (<80). Takziah to arwah's family. AlFatihah
Yesterday at 19:23

Sounds like dengue shock syndrome. Platelet count 80 i heard. Also could be dengue myocarditis.  Quite rare admittedly, (Dr Suhaimi Osman)

Last week he was complaining about bouts of fever and shortness of breath. Wife insisted that he goes for medical tests and to cancel his trip. He did the tests but still went to Jakarta. When the results came out the RBC count was around 75 and the family was asked to take him back to KL immediately. In the same evening everything went downhill. Indon medical report said COD was respiratory failure but since no autopsy was done...

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