Monday, February 05, 2007

Seven arrested in connection with robbery at Subang Parade

SUBANG JAYA: In less than 10 hours, Selangor police arrested all the armed robbers involved in the Subang Parade shopping complex goldsmith shop robbery and recovered the loot as well. The robbers consisted of six Thai nationals, including a woman, while the seventh person was a local. Police also recovered at least six firearms including a M4 assault rifle (older version of a M16). Last night , the robbers caused panic at the shopping complex after killing two security guards at the Poh Kong Goldsmith Shop and escaping with 11 trays of jewellery.

Kudos to CID chief Datuk Christopher Wan for the swift action of his men.

Police success: About 8kg of jewellery and an assortment of firearms recovered from suspects involved in the Poh Kong gem heist in Subang Parade on Saturday night. Standing behind the haul are, from left, Selangor CPO Datuk Ismail Omar, IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan and CID chief Datuk Christopher Wan. Photo from the Star

What the police did was a morale booster to the whole of police force. What with all negative allegations against the police force, this is what they need to counter those bad publicity.

The diagram is from Kim Hooi blog who was there to shhot some photos (the actual photos are on his site. Click to enlarge: Poh Kong (red), Tomei (yellow), the bodies (blood)

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