Saturday, February 24, 2007

Touch down Bandung

Arrived in Bandung (again) at around 9 am, the flight from KL was delayed, not by the passenger but by a late flight engineer. We had breakfast at the airport, a side cafe charged us Rph 48,000 for 2 bowls of soto/mee and we took a taxi to New Sany Rossa Hotel, 2 minutes walk from Rumah Mode. Just make sure you get a cab from the office as the price is fixed (Rph 35k).

The hotel was recently refurbished and it was reflected in the price, we only managed to get the Deluxe room at Rph 400k per night (weekday 20% cheaper). If you are hungry the 24hr McD outlet is right in front of the hotel or if you want Pizza Hut it is 1 minute across the road too. IF you want a nice Sunda restaurant, the Sari Sunda is about 10 minutes walk up Jl Setiabudi, past Rumah Mode and Real Factory Outlet. O nice Sundanese restaurant.. try the sate kambing and gepuk.

At least 5-6 factory outlet are within 5 minutes walk of the hotel. The flashy Romah Mode at 41 Jl Setiabudi.. a bit expensive but you can see why it is expensive as the fabric is of a higher quality and the surrounding area of the complex is tastefully decorated.. even in the toilet. Unfortunately they don't stock up too many of the large size. Ok I bought Yasin (my poffice mate) his R'Lauren Polo t-shirts at Rph 120k apiece and a few Guess and other stuff for the kids but only a Nike Tiger Woods t-shirt for me.. argh.

the Real Factory Outlet is where you go for the cheap stuff, price starting from Rph 10k. Right behind it is the Gazeebo, the handbag shop and we were lucky as they are offering buy 1 get 1 free during our stay there. So.. apalagi big crazy sale on the bag, with so many bags on display, even the Jimmy Choo's, I don't think we gonna finish this in 30 minutes. Desperate measures came into play... let me choose :) final damage.. about 6 bags.. Rph 500k... sounds big but it is only RM200.

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