Saturday, February 24, 2007

Vintage Chic Home Spa, Bandung

new photos from March 2010
treatment room



 pindang iga..

Our gem find of the trip. Vintage Chic Home Spa, as the name suggest it is vintage spa treatment and we went for the Raja and Ratu treatment which went on for about 3 hours. We were told we were quite lucky that the evening session was cancelled by the customer just before we walked in, so we got that place. They don't have that many masseur and they only cater for 4-5 couples only per day.. mm lucky us. Check out the entrance... its a big wooden door (see foto on the right) with all the carvings... must have cost them a bomb.

So we went into a dimly litted room with 2 massage beds, changed and soak our feet in warm water with additional mixture hich was very soothing. Then it was time to get on the bed to feel the pain... ohhh acccgghh massochist. But first we can choose which aromatheraphy smell we like, well it doesnt matter to me as long as it smells good :) and then the time comes for full body massage.. oh and the pain.. it was painful for me.. but my wife sailed through it like it was no pain at all..huiyooo. I have always had this pain on my right right and on my right shoulder to my neck. After a few minutes of painful massage I felt that the said pain was gone... perrghh.. power. Then is was a mixture ginger and other stuff poured all over and more and more mixture.. like you put on the fish before you fry them. Then off we go into the steam room with all the herbs.. and finally into the jacuzzi with a red thingy.. more mixture... it was steaming and I took nearly 5 whole minutes before I was finally able to sit in the jacuzzi. O gosh so relaxing.. I recommend it anytime, even much better than my visit to Roger's last year.

All these for Rph 185,000 per person.. we paid Rph 200k each as we felt it was worth much much more than that.

It was quite difficult to find as Jln Raden Patah is not on the main road, it is on a small road behind Jl Juanda. You need a good taxi driver who is familiar with the area.

I enclosed the price list as of Feb 2007... >>>> click on the photo to enlarge it


Mulat said...

excellent article. just like what i experienced. Vintage Chic Spa is a real gem. Real beauty. Real brand. Highly reccommended for Bandung visitors.

Asri said...

what you see it what you get :)and more



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