Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bye bye Bandung

After late check in at Hotel Utari, the hotel next to DSE Dago Stock Export, we bid farewell again to Bandung. We took a cab to the Airport, Hussein Sastranegara Bandung, a small airport that is shared with the Air Force TNI-AU (Angkatan Udara). Since it was early morning, the road was not heavy and we reached the airport in about 20 minutes.

Our flight was at 9am and after check in, one last Sunda breakfast for us. The check in was not without drama, we suddenly found that one of our Rumah Mode bags was missing, worse.. our passports are in that bag, then I saw the culprit, a group of ladies with Rumah Mode bags on all of them, when I told them that bag was mine.."Oh sorry ye, tak perasan"..... my foot, tak perasan, check it first before you tow any bag away fool!

As expected we have excess luggage... about Rph 150,000 but after discount we settled for Rph 100k. The flight home was OK and quite smooth and touch down at KLIA about 15 minutes early.

Hello LCCT.

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