Monday, September 29, 2008

Trip to immigration department

Today I finally have the time to bring the 3 kids to the Immigration department for their international passport. At about 10am we went to Shah Alam and the place was jam packed with people, the queue was right to the entrance of the office, thinking that I could beat the crowd we drove to Subang Terminal 2, no different here, there were about 60-70 people queuing just to get the number.

I gave up and drove home. At 1pm I went again to Shah Alam and they don't give out any more new numbers for the day. OK last try, off we went to Port Klang immigration office at 1.30pm.

Its not too bad at Port Klang, yes there are lots of people but the queue is shorter, we went to take the photos in the makeshift boot below the flight of stairs and in less than 1 hour I have completed the forms, handed in the forms and photo, went thru the details witht the officer, paid the fees and tomorrow we can come and collect the passports. I was told that they received more than 400 applications for today compared to about 250 applications on normal days.

The plan for tomorrow is to pick up the new passports in the afternoon before we start our long journey to Kedah for Raya :)

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