Sunday, February 25, 2007

Rumah Mode Bandung

The 'factory outlet shopping', has made Bandung as Indonesia's shopping paradise. One may have in their mind that it is just one or two shops.. or maybe ten..scattered all over the city. but there are actually many of them... everywhere.  Best area to go is in Dago, along Jl Ir Juanda and around Jl Riau/Matadinata area.

Factory outlets were originally 'garment factories' that sold over-runs , and substandard, export quality materials at very low prices. More like Reject Shop and F.O.S. in Malaysia. Now, they sell materials 'made in Indonesia', and also internationally branded garments and accessories already tagged and labeled for export. You can find the Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Hermes,Gucci, CD, Armani ..all the branded names here and even some famous sports brands like Nike, Titleist, Greg Norman, Ashworth and only a fraction of the cost elsewhere. The only difference is the cut on the label... but if you are lucky there is no cut or any mark on the garment.
Enter Rumah Mode at Jln Setia Budi- Bandung's biggest factory outlet, and arguably the most complete in the city. In many ways it could also be the most expensive but it is reflected on the quality of the garments. A walk through Rumah Mode reveals a pleasant arcade, where you will be dazzled by collections for men, women and children from many famous brands. Go there on a weekend or public holiday and its like going to the morning market. Its full of shoppers and even window shoppers :)
It offers its shoppers a great shopping experience combined with a fast and friendly service. It also satisfies every shopper's craving for luxury clothing, formal , fashion , and casual wear. Personally I think the price is a bit on the high side compared to other FO but it is actually reflected in the quality of the material available on display there. There is also a snack corner, a coffee shop and a nice local food outlet, the Bumbu Desa on the premises.. even a reflexology area for those tired feet after shopping for so long. The premises is beautifully decorated.. nice stone carvings and beautiful water features everywhere, even the toilet is a work of art.... :-)
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